“Buying a House? See Potential Scams.”

Our daughter after we moved in our new house!

LowRatesShop will save you from mortgage scams. It made me powerful & in control when we bought our first house. That soft spoken mortgage man almost took us for a higher interest rate & fees. Almost…

Nina was pregnant with our first daughter, we were renting for $1,750.00 per month in Las Vegas in a neighborhood called The Lakes. Nina was fired for being pregnant! We had to hurry up and buy a house fast! We were vulnerable targets 😰

We decided on a house that was only $153,000 in southwest.

No more renting! But wait…

Mortgage guys make their money taking our money these 2 ways…

  1. They charged us something called origination points. They tried to charge us 3%, this meant on each $100,000 loan we paid them $3,000 in just this fee. We ended up only paying 1%. Using LowRatesShop, we printed out the rates we researched leaving him in speechless denial 😂.
  2. When the mortgage man charges you a higher interest rate and talks you into putting less money down, they actually make more money when they re-sell your mortgage to a bigger company (most lie and say they will keep your mortgage in-house). We asked companies we met through LowRatesShop to confirm this guys bull and fairy tales. Arm yourself 🤓.

Who should you trust? You trust the guy not taking your money. That means do your own research. We used LowRatesShop to do our own research. You point and click to answer questions and give your name, email and number.

We sold that first house when Nina became pregnant with our second baby 🙃😃😍! We bought a condo outright with the cash we had from the sale to live in short-term. We’re ready for another house where our girls can grow up in. Now, we have a strategy. And I, a beard. I’ll be using LowRatesShop because it’ll keep us safe from scams.