People Aren’t Fat, They’re Full of Poop.

It’s the truth. See Cody Krecicki’s story below.

I have a chronic pain disorder of the bladder called interstitial cystitis. Also known as chronic bladder pain syndrome. The odds of getting it as a male are so slim that less than 1% of all men in the US get diagnosed with it. I also have an issue with chronic acid indigestion which causes the worst heartburn along with unthinkable constipation and stomach pains. In a nut shell, aside from feeling fat and bloated, I’m always in painful discomfort and do everything I can to make sure I can at least participate in the world as naturally as possible.

I gained a lot of weight when I first got diagnosed with interstitial cystitis when I was 19 years old and my digestive issues around the same time. I lost the weight I gained from eating everything I wanted thanks to being numb from the pain killers the doctors prescribed me (bad stuff! I was able to get off of them). I did a raw diet for over a year and realized I was so full of poop and toxins backed up in my intestinal tract. Fat is a word people like to throw around. I like to think we become full of poop and it’s mistaken for being fat.

This is what I mean by people are full of poop. Think of all that poop inside you.

Life caught up with me and so did my rectum and belly. Fast forward to ten years later, being married, having two kids and working full-time, I want to eat whatever tastes good and smells good. So that’s what I did, eat all the wonderful dessert and food I wanted. I wasn’t in pain for a long time but it caught up to me and it has had awful consequences.

All aside from feeling fat. Impacted poop can cause serious health issues.

I began getting to the point recently where I couldn’t sleep through the entire night because my gut was so bloated that it hurt. The pressure from all the acid in my stomach was causing my hemorrhoids to swell too. Now with my butt being as tight as a drum and my stomach aching, I started vomiting in the mornings as I strained to try to poop. After throwing up in the mornings and taking a shower to pull myself together, I spend the rest of my day in fear of eating anything else. I stayed dizzy with numbing legs and an aching lower back and a screaming bladder from all the acid backed up in my stomach trying to get out through my front end.

“I knew I wasn’t fat. I was full of shit,” Cody Krecicki.
My poop was black when it did come out because it was stuck for so long.

My body is being poisoned because I couldn’t poop anymore! I couldn’t finish taking a poop anymore because it was always just like little strings, or one or two small pellet sized poops that were black. I felt fat, dizzy, depressed, sluggish… I was so uncomfortable and in pain. When I pressed below my belly button with my finger, I felt sharp pains in my gut. It didn’t matter if I had a few salads that day and juiced or even had the ‘magic’ fiber that every doctor talks about. My poop, come to find out, was something doctors call, “impacted”. My belly was sticking out and you could see it under my shirt.

Without any more hope and a family to take care of that relies on me…

I researched into all my symptoms. And this is what I figured out.

Laxatives — I researched these and I’ve used them in the past, I know that my stomach gets hot and I cramp up before pooping after using them. The laxatives are usually some disgusting chalky liquid in a giant liter sized bottle. The smell of it makes me want to barf. I don’t know about you, but that warm cramping and maybe, if you’re lucky, an OK poop? No thanks! Plus, the risk of leakage out of your behind.

Stool Softeners — I’ve tried products like ducolax and it’s really hit or miss and gets expensive. Plus from my experience, if you take them all the time you risk the same thing with laxatives like having runny and loose stool. How embarrassing would it be to poop yourself after not having been able to poop?!

Diet & Exercise— This is how I actually lost all of the weight in the beginning along with 30–60 miles bike rides each day. Greens, greens, greens and more greens. Beans and rice and nothing else. Portion sizes as big as your hand and no more. Only half a sandwich too. But who has time for that as an adult nowadays? Especially during the summertime with two young kids.

Diet Supplements & Cleanse — Most of these programs are a hoax. I wouldn’t and have never bought into them. Until recently.

Research, research, research and more research. Who has the time for that anymore? SO I finally bit the bullet and bought a pill from an advertisement my wife got in her email from her OBGYN about a diet cleanse product to help flush out toxins. No cramping or hot pooping either. It was a natural supplement called Garcinia Slim Diet.

At Whole foods you end up buying a handful of things to supplement each other, and by time you’re out of the store, you’ve spent over $150 on supplements you’re not even sure will work or not. The email had a trial offer so I did it. I figured I could just cancel my order if it didn’t work, easy enough. Instead of spending $150 on similar supplements at the store, it’s money I don’t have to spend on the unknown. I know I did enough research and even checked out Whole Foods and other online health stores.

I’m feeling back to normal again after taking Garcinia Slim Diet supplements. I am also making my best effort to eat more salads.

I am now on my third month of Garcinia Slim Diet. I do not have a runny stool at all and I’m finally having regular poops.

My stomach’s gone down from all the bloating and the lower back fat I have is finally going away for the first time in my life.

I’m no longer feeling dizzy, bloated, sluggish and fat — An awful way to feel when you’re trying to be the best of yourself in order to support your family. As a father, that’s the most important thing. I can’t believe how sick I felt before I do today and how long I dealt with it.

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