Bottle massages
June 14th
I’ve had 2 weeks or more to live a different life. It has been alright and i have enjoyed the experience. Being in the middle of the ocean at night is breathtaking. With the moon and stars i wandered if others would have loved it as much as i had. God and everyone knows there are easier ways to get the same view then the way i did. I think if i could go back i wouldn’t make may changes. I spent 4 days straight inside this ship so when i went outside it felt like the first time ever. It was truly beautiful. It made me smile, like the feeling you get when you are at peace and the whole world feels in the right place and for a second it all makes sense. However it quickly faded, in my profession nobody talks to each other about fellings and things like this. So i kept silent and held it for myself, my own pice of heaven. I would have loved to share the view with some others but the best i can do for you is a picture by the time you get it two weeks would be past that is the hardest part of the journey. Im stuck doing this and everyone is back home counting on without me. So im writing this for my own entertainment, and i know it’s hard to read my free flow thoughts. Just like the old massage in a bottle sent from sea as a way to keep hope and sanity. This is my version of it. I hope when i get back you can read them and understand some part of it. Like the letters worn by sea and time. I heard in a song once that "it’s all about perspective and taking your thoughts captive". I may only give all the letters to the people close to me, but i decited to give you some. At the end all i really wanted to say was if you think about it a person’s life is my change and take you on different paths, but one place always exists that you want to go be it home or the people you love. I hope you find yours.

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