We all have our lines that we draw and say we wouldn’t pass, fears we won’t touch, or things we won’t do. I think its important to reach past the lines, for me its how i know I’m alive. Draw new lines and continue to pass them, by the end of my life I want it to look like a beautiful painting. Even if mistakes are made it will only add to the beauty. I fear a lot of things, I just don’t let it cripple me. Part of my job is facing fears that many wouldn’t. I find encouragement from the lines I’ve crossed before. Take a step forward and look back at the lines already crossed. I encourage you to look at the lines you have crossed, are there just a few, or is beginning to look like a picture? Will you make more or let it be complete? I don’t want to stop drawing. So I hope sometime we will find our pictures mixed together for a few lines.

Disclaimer: The drink in the picture tastes awful, but at least I tried it.

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