Enough About Me, Let’s Talk About Me!!

Apr 17, 2017 · 4 min read

I’m only kidding. It’s really is hard for me to pat myself on the back. After all, I am just a simple mortgage guy from Eastern Oregon. But all seriousness aside, I did have a pretty good week. The results are not fully in, but here is what happened and where I’m at.

Last week at this time, I was in Austin, TX, just finished with the Mastermind meetings. These were three days with like-minded note investors, networking, sharing, eating and just being notefamily. I was able to reacquaint with some old friends, and make some new ones, all on a similar journey as I, although each in a slightly different place. I can learn from the others that are further along than me, and I can help someone just behind.

Just before I left, I placed 7 bids on different property. Four of those were in Oregon. I should hear back on those this week. These were part of a tape that required a minimum $5 million “carve out”, meaning the seller would only sell these assets if the total amount of the bids equaled or exceeded $5 million. With the strength of the Mastermind, we were able to reach that threshold as a whole, and the bids were submitted. I have a couple of local investors waiting for those results.

I did receive acceptance on an asset in Indianapolis, IN. I have a good friend that lives just outside Indy, and he graciously drove the property to be my “boots on the ground”, an essential part of my note investing team. A local investor claimed that asset, and we have wired funds to the seller to secure that asset. Here is a photo of the asset from my friend’s drive-by:

Next, I got word from another hedge fund manager that 1 of the two bids I placed was accepted. This asset is in Cleveland, OH, which is rapidly becoming a hot market. Again, a different local investor claimed the funding on this asset, and will enjoy a admirable return on their investment. Here is an image of this Cleveland asset:

Finally, also from the Mastermind, we had a “draft” where 40+ Mastermind investors selected from a list of over 500 assets. You may recall I was number 19 in the draft. I was able to select 3 small dollar assets in Gary, IN. Each one of these assets below would not require more than $16,250 to get involved. For those of you thinking you needed big money to buy notes, these three show you that isn’t always necessary.

None of these are spectacular houses. But for a relatively small investment, these will return a very nice profit to an investor. In fact, I released these to my VIP list yesterday, and within 24 hours one investor stepped up to fund all three. All we are after are base hits. Occasionally, we’ll hit one for extra bases, but these are bread and butter, with a bit of jam. Can of corn.

Again, I don’t mean to brag, but this is real stuff. And this is not out of reach. If you are interested in learning more, please contact me. I am absolutely amazed at the amount of product coming down the line. I also have 3 tapes in my email inbox that I haven’t been able to open yet. If you have a old 401k account with a former employer, or a stagnant IRA not providing any returns, or even with a 12-month CD that is paying a whopping 1.35%, maybe there is a better way. ~ link below to BankRate.com 1-yr CD rates. I have a great contact that can roll these retirement accounts into a self-directed IRA without hassle or tax implications.


Thanks for reading. I am always humbled that you would read my musings. I appreciate you accompanying me on this journey. A journey is better when good people travel with you.

Oh, by the way, if you would like to learn for yourself how to actively invest in notes, Scott Carson is hosting NoteCamp 3.0 this Thursday through Sunday. This is a virtual, online boot camp, with over 30 different speakers that will teach you about investing in notes. Best of all, you don’t need to leave the comfort of you home to attend, it’s all online. Go to http://notecamp.live for more information. And should you decide to attend, use the discount code COX100 for $100 off the cost of the Camp.

Cody L Cox

Written by

Promissory note investor

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