Friday Links: Product Edition

Cody Cowan
Sep 8, 2017 · 2 min read
Its scary out there. Be safe. Photo courtesy of Stephen Arnold on Unsplash

Happy Friday! This has been a whirlwind week, so we’re going to get right to it and talk about whats new.

  1. If you’re in college and just starting a new semester, you’ll be happy to know that you can save a lot of money by combining a Hulu and Spotify subscription for just $5/month. Definitely jealous of a lot of things in that sentence. (via Cody Cowan)
  2. In other Spotify news, Touch Preview is no more. We’re sad to see this go (and judging by the comments on the blog post we aren’t the only ones). (via Matt Quintanilla)
  3. If you’ve ever wanted to see more than just 5 star reviews about apps, Time Well Spent has you covered with this breakdown. Take a look at the breakdown of time in app for happy and unhappy users. (via Skyler Balbus)
  4. If you like slack but want even more features, and potential integration into JIRA and Confluence, take a look at Atlassian’s newest product, Stride. We can’t tell if this is an upgrade to Hipchat or a replacement, but we like it either way. (via Cody Cowan)
  5. ICYMI, Medium replaced recommends with their new Claps recently. There has been lots of ink spilled over the claps, but one of our favorite reads was this post and self-critique/follow up by the folks at TomYum. (via Matt Quintanilla)
Cody Cowan

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Director of Growth & Partnerships, Postlight

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