Friday Links: Product Edition

Cody Cowan
Sep 29, 2017 · 2 min read
Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash

Happy first Friday of fall! New season, same old Friday links though — here’s what we’ve been talking about in the world of product.

  1. Starting off with a double header, Slack has introduced a new way for you to sign in to all your teams with a single email address, in addition to releasing new dialog forms for bots and apps to be even more productive. As one of us said, “wowowowow”. (cc yours truly and Matt Quintanilla)
  2. We’re skeptical, but eager to learn more about how Woebot plans on doing therapy via an app. Apparently trained by a Stanford trial and traditional CBT practices, this bot may prove effective, but be sure to check with a professional before using it exclusively. (via Drew Bell)
  3. We had lots of thoughts about the news that websites are using browsers to mine cryptocoins. Could this be the next phase in the adblocking wars? Or is cryptomining the monetization platform of the future? We don’t know, but chime in below or on twitter @postlightsudio with your thoughts.
  4. Amazon launched a lot of things, and if you couldn’t quite figure out the difference between the Echo, the Echo Plus, the Echo Connect, the Echo Spot, or the Echo Buttons, you weren’t alone. We’re still trying to figure out what each one does, exactly. (via Darrell Hanley)
  5. Bet you thought you were going to go this whole list without hearing yet another hot take on arguably the biggest tech news of the week, if not the year. If you hadn’t heard already, Twitter is going 280! (well, kind of). Don’t hold your breath for this to roll out worldwide, is all we’re saying.
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