Friday Links: Product Edition

Cody Cowan
Dec 1, 2017 · 2 min read
Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Happy Friday, and happy December. Here are all the things we can’t stop talking about to kick off the last month of the year.

  1. Basecamp has (unsurprisingly) yet another great read about “agile” and how “sprints” should be more than “arbitrary week-long bucket of tasks. (via Drew Bell)
  2. If you’re interested in how time works at a technical level, AWS has a new service that syncs time across machines, and our neighbors at CockroachLabs have a great post about how they work with time in an open source, distributed way. (via Aaron Ortbals and Daniel Ramirez)
  3. FiftyThree launched a great looking new tool called Paste that helps you make visually appealing presentations, without all the hassle of PowerPoint or Keynote. If you already use Paper, as many of us at Postlight do, this is a great addition to the suite. (via Matt Quintanilla)
  4. The inevitable and unstoppable explosion of the “stories” format continues, this time at YouTube. They might not be exactly the same as what Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, et al have done so far, but if you have strong feelings about stories, this will likely only exacerbate them. (via Darrell Hanley)
  5. We think and talk a lot about documentation here at Postlight. As a distributed team, with clients who might be continuing in the future but with a different team, making sure we store our thoughts and decisions in a reasonable and understandable way is top of mind (in fact, Gina wrote a whole post about it). So it is exciting to see TapWater build a product dedicated to the issue. We can’t wait to try it out. (via Skyler Balbus)
  6. There was a ton of other product news this week — Snapchat redesign, David Karp leaving Tumblr, WeWork buying Meetup, BMW put out an amp-based magazine as its website, Google fixed its hamburger emoji, and many more. But your instapaper/pocket account can only take so much, so we’ll stop here.

Have a great weekend!

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