Breaking the Adobe Addiction

How much can one person pay before they begin to feel taken advantage of?

Second to shooting the photo, is editing the photo. Some photographers spend hours editing photos changing the colours, adding lighting or things I can’t even think of. I admittedly am not an advanced user. I modify colours, and use the tone curves but that is about it. I don’t manipulate my photos very much and with my film photos I don’t manipulate them at all. I really enjoy the relationship I have with my Pro Film Lab and the results I get. Which is really is the entire point of using a Pro Film Lab. Why pay for someone to scan your photos and yet you still have to edit them? and worse, paying someone to scan your photos and not talk to them about what settings they use and your desired ‘look’. Comminication is key. Richard Photo Lab does these things well for me. But this is not about film scanning it it? This is about my mistreatment by Adobe.

In the court of Cody, I find Adobe guilty.

I started paying for the Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop Creative Cloud package in 2012. At this time I had switched to Lightroom from Aperture. Apple had stopped updating Aperture and things didn’t look good for the future. Adobe also had a very nice deal at the time, I paid $31.49 USD for one year of Creative Cloud membership. After this great deal ended I started paying $10.49 USD per month. And I have been paying ever since. In the last five years I have paid $503.54 USD to Adobe Corporation for the privilege of using the same piece of software.

This is when you say “surely Adobe updated their software over 5 years?” Yes, they did…. some performance improvements and updates to ensure they are compatible with new computer hardware and operating systems. This does not amount to much though. In the last five years Adobe has upgraded the healing brush, added panorama and HDR merge and added Dehaze. Along with some book creation templates, support for PNG files and video files and other useless junk like mobile apps. Adobe has added squat to Lightroom. Adobe themselves have a beautiful chart showing the differences between Lightroom 5, 6 and CC. Of all of these I sometimes use dehaze, like a couple times a year. Thats it. *insert sad emoji*


So, what now? What are my photo editing options? You can buy the standalone version of Lightroom for $149 from Adobe. It is well hidden on the website so good luck finding it. Here is the link in the Canadian store:

Should I quit overpaying and just buy Lightroom 6 for $150 USD? How long until Lightroom will turn subscription only? Earlier this year Photoshop became subscription only, it is natural to think they will do the same to Lightroom. After seeing how much money subscriptions bring in they would be crazy to continue offering this as a stand alone product.

Or, do I search for another photo editing app?

A few years ago Capture One Pro was making waves as an up and coming photo editing program. It undoubtedly had better colour editing but lacked some camera RAW support. This has since been improved. I actually bought version 9 of this software 1 and a half years ago. In hindsight I should have stuck with it. Now I am turning back to Capture One Pro. I downloaded a 30 day trial of the newest version which is Capture One 10.

Should I spend $99 USD on a Capture One Upgrade ? or do I continue to spend and spend with Adobe? I think we know the answer.

Here are some immediate benefits I notice between Capture One 10 and Lightroom CC.

  • In Capture One 10 I can customize the tool panel. I can duplicate tools, rearrange them, resize them. It is much more customizable than Lightroom. This makes my workflow streamlined and my editing easier.
  • In Capture One 10 the colour editing is more controlled.

What will I miss in Lightroom?

  • I love using Rebecca Lily presets, in particular there are a couple I consistently use. I can learn to recreate the presets I use in Capture One, I hope.
  • I will miss not having to learn anything if I continue using Lightroom CC. This sounds lazy though.
  • I can’t think of anything else….

Capture One has some great videos, workshops and articles on editing. There is no shortage of ways to learn. If I can do it so can you! Trust me.

Here are some Capture One 10 Tutorials to get started. And some Video Webinars ready to watch.