If you aren’t a good leader, then you aren’t a leader at all.
Libby Crimmings

Hi Libby — it’s great that your mom is such a leader, I’m glad that she’s such a hero to you. We need more of this, and less idolization of celebrities.

I’m going to challenge you a little bit here. I wrote yesterday that we apply too much credence on the ‘qualities’ of leaders. As soon as we develop a list of right and wrong leadership qualities, it’s easy to pick holes in them. Jobs was a divisive and petulant micro-manager. Branson still appears at product launches with swathes of scantily clad women. Zuckerberg is as charismatic as a stale potato. Essentially, there are just as many examples of teams that achieved success with the whip as there are of teams that achieved success with the carrot.

How do we reconcile all of these things? And what role do the team play in all of this?

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