Bunnies Are The Best Pets Ever

I was living in Salt Lake City at the time when I first met a pet bunny. We were out at a party, and an acquaintance had just gotten one. His name was earthquake, he had big floppy ears, a caramel fur and a more chilled out personality than that surfer boy who works at your local coffee shop.

I fell in love. From then on I have always had an affinity for bunnies as pets. Here’s six reasons your next pet needs to be a rabbit.

1. They are super super quiet.

2. They are really easily trained.

3. Bunny’s bond with you is super close.

4. They need way less space than most pets and they don’t need to be walked.

5. They are full of personality.

6. There are a lot in shelters, you’re doing a good deed by saving them!

What are you waiting for? Get yourself a new fur babe and best friend.

This post was originally published on melonkiss.com

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