Change Your Attitude

I follow a Medium account Let's get writing!. It is a great account, and I completely recommend it. Every day, they give an idea to write about. Every day, I think about their idea, but ultimately don’t have the time to actually write about it.

This time, however, I am writing about their challenge. They wanted someone to write a story about the theme attitude.

I am a 17, almost 18 year old Senior in high school. Needless to say, I have an bad attitude sometimes.

Attitude is everything. People notice attitude. When someone has a good attitude about life, other people notice, and vice versa. I said I have a bad attitude sometimes, however, most of the time, I have a good attitude towards others and with most aspects of my life.

Also needless to say, people notice.

When I was younger, my parents were always complimented on how my brother and I acted. We were good kids with very positive attitudes. I get complimented on how I treat others all the time.

When I have a bad attitude, it’s obvious. I don’t talk, I don’t make eye contact with people, I also don’t laugh at jokes.

When I am not laughing, something is wrong.

People ask what is wrong with me, and when I say I am fine, they know it is a lie. Even when I try to hide my attitude, it illuminates out of me like a lighthouse illuminates the sea.

Everyone notices attitude. Attitude is clearer than the Maldives water (which, if you haven’t seen, click here).

This is only a short story, so I will end with this…

People notice attitude, so make sure your attitude is in line with what you desire for people to know about you.

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