PDF A Curse for True Love (Once Upon a Broken Heart, #3) By Stephanie Garber

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A Curse for True Love (Once Upon a Broken Heart, #3) By Stephanie Garber

PDF A Curse for True Love (Once Upon a Broken Heart, #3) By Stephanie Garber
[PDF] Download A Curse for True Love (Once Upon a Broken Heart, #3) By Stephanie Garber

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A Curse for True Love (Once Upon a Broken Heart, #3) By Stephanie Garber

Two villains, one girl, and a deadly battle for happily ever after.

Evangeline Fox, a young woman on a quest for her happily ever after, journeyed to the captivating Magnificent North. Now, she seems to have found it — married to a handsome prince, residing in a legendary castle. But this fairytale comes at a devastating, hidden cost. Evangeline remains oblivious to the sacrifice made for her happiness, a truth her husband is determined to conceal… even if it means eliminating Jacks, the enigmatic Prince of Hearts.

Stephanie Garber’s “A Curse for True Love” plunges readers back into the mesmerizing, dangerous world she crafted in “Once Upon a Broken Heart.” The stakes have never been higher as Evangeline finds herself at the heart of a treacherous game. Her dream-come-true life is built on a foundation of secrets, and unraveling them could shatter everything she holds dear.

The novel promises a heart-stopping conclusion to the trilogy, exploring the complex dynamics of love, sacrifice, and the blurred lines between good and evil. As Evangeline grapples with the weight of her unwitting bargain, she must confront a chilling truth: sometimes, the pursuit of happiness demands the most agonizing choices.

Garber masterfully weaves a tapestry of romance and danger, her lyrical prose drawing readers deeper into this captivating world. The line between hero and villain blurs as Evangeline navigates the treacherous path laid before her. With Jacks, the cunning Prince of Hearts, posing both a threat and a potential ally, Evangeline must decide where her loyalties lie and what price she is willing to pay for true love.

“A Curse for True Love” is more than just a captivating read; it’s an exploration of the sacrifices we make for love, the weight of hidden truths, and the resilience of the human heart. Get ready for a breathtaking conclusion filled with bloodshed, stolen hearts, and a love tested amidst chaos. This is a fairytale reimagining you won’t soon forget.

Name: Elsie-May Davies

Review: Stephanie Garber has outdone herself with “A Curse for True Love”! This series has been a wild ride from the start, but this installment took me on a rollercoaster of emotions. Evangeline’s journey of self-discovery and her struggle with the curse’s consequences were captivating. The stakes felt incredibly high, and the ending left me utterly speechless. I loved the exploration of fate versus free will and the idea that even curses can have unexpected outcomes. I can’t wait to see what Garber does next!

Name: Khalil McKenzie

Review: While I enjoyed the previous books in the series, “A Curse for True Love” truly solidified it as a favorite. The intricate plot kept me guessing until the very last page, and the romantic tension was off the charts! I loved the development of Jacks and Evangeline’s relationship — their chemistry is undeniable. Garber’s writing is as enchanting as ever, filled with vivid descriptions and lyrical prose. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves fantasy romance with a dark and twisty edge!

Name: Aaliyah Gregory

Review: “A Curse for True Love” is a satisfying conclusion to the “Once Upon a Broken Heart” trilogy. Garber masterfully ties together all the loose ends while still delivering a story full of heart and magic. Evangeline’s growth throughout the series has been remarkable to witness. She’s gone from a naive girl to a strong and independent woman. The ending, though bittersweet, felt earned and left me with a sense of hope. If you’re looking for a captivating fantasy series with complex characters and a unique premise, look no further!