Cody Wolfe; Ubaid Murad; Aleks Borresen; Yuan Tian; Balakrishnan Prabhakaran, PhD; Thiru Annaswamy, MD

Telerehabilitation, a branch of telemedicine, has evolved beyond simple voice calls and videoconferencing.

As a branch off the larger telemedicine movement, telerehabilitation has sought to bring remote rehabilitative care directly to patients. It has come a long way since its birth over phone calls and video chat, and has grown to incorporate complex machines and computer programs. Notable developments include the use of virtual environments and haptic machines to create interactive, at-home rehabilitation environments, and the “gamification” of these technologies to make the treatment more engaging and fun for the patient.

Virtual Reality and Haptic Technology in Telerehabilitation

Some challenges and barriers with traditional rehabilitative exercise…

Cody Wolfe

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