Russia may “have to leave” the Council of Europe, warns Thorbjørn Jagland

Secretary General Thorbjørn has warned that Russia may be “forced to leave” the Council of Europe.

In an interview with ‘Politico,’ Jagland stated: “There is a potential danger that Russia will have to leave.

“If Russia is forced to leave, then 140 million people will be deprived of going to the highest court in Europe, which is very important for Russian citizens.”

Russia has made no moves to reverse its annexation of Crimea and continues in a “totally unacceptable” manner to block the Council’s human rights commissioner from visiting the region, Jagland said.

But the Secretary General warned that Europe still needs to think hard about the cost of letting Russia go.

“We have to think of the following: Will Europe be better off, safer, with Russia on its own, without being part of the judicial system of Europe?” he said. “For me this is a very urgent question.”

Read the Politico interview

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