2018 Sizzling Predictions for the Philippines’ BPO Sector

Over the past few years, there’s no doubt that 2017 is indeed one of the most interesting years for the BPO sector in the Philippines. Not only that 2017 is full of excitement but also wariness since the new president of the United States Donald Trump was elected. Uncertainty stretched in the Philippines’ outsourcing sector where employees don’t know how to react appropriately and keep their jobs in the future.

But in spite of these concerns, outsourcing companies in the Philippines managed to counter these tests. As a matter of fact, the industry this year has never been this strong and fruitful. Now that we’re only a few months before we reach the end of the year, some signs of the trends for 2018 started to draw clearer lines. These signs serve as the indicators of what should people expect in 2018’s BPO industry.

Source: eastvantage.com

Continuous Growth and Stability

Good News! Nothing will stop the Philippines’ BPO sector from growing bigger and steadier in the coming 2018. Obviously, the United States president’s “Buy American, hire American” executive order can’t cut the strong bond between American clients and BPO companies in the Philippines. The EO created a big controversy and uncertainty, but the Philippines has proved everyone wrong by moving on right away after the shocking news and resumed reaching for 6.5 to 7.5% growth by the end of the year.

More Expansions

Back then, the business process outsourcing companies in the Philippines were more known for providing voice account job offers only. This means that companies offer more of customer services with the IT industry that require agents to take inbound or outbound calls. But now, the BPO sector in the Philippines is becoming more known for diversity. This is the result of partnering with other industries and offering non-voice accounts just like what Coefficients Co. Ltd. offers.

Lawyers, graphic designers, web content writers, accountants, nurses, and other professionals are now welcome in the diverse world of the BPO sector as more foreign companies decide to outsource.

Artificial Intelligence Everywhere

The rise of AI is coming and some of the biggest BPO companies in the world are using it today. But since automation comes with a lot of adjustments which include new systems, programs, and other latest features in technology, it takes a lot more to be embraced in the Philippines. AIs can multi-task what 2 or more people can do in one sitting but the human element is where the country’s economy relies upon.

People need jobs and with the rise of AI, slots for positions will definitely decrease. But then again, issues can be controlled if companies would balance the distribution of tasks between human and AI within the industry. With this, businesses would be able to maximize the full benefit of using AI.

With all these signs and predictions for the Philippines’ standing in the worldwide BPO sector next year, the country will remain on the throne. More highly-skilled employees will drive higher GDP in the future.

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