How to Spot the Best Graphic Designer Candidate for a Dream Project?

According to the recruitment experts, the best way to spot the best candidate is to create a “matter-of-fact” job description. To support this statement, one of Google Venture’s team, Braden Kowitz advised to “stop looking for unicorns” because they obviously don’t exist.

Just like any other positions, finding a candidate that fits in the position of a graphic designer is a tough task. In fact, there’s no way you can find the best graphic designer for a dream project by cheating on your set of standards and reducing the time for Q&A portion. A portfolio maybe enough proof of an applicant’s skills, but you should never underestimate the power of impromptu questions and eye-to-eye contact.


Must-Have Background Experience

For many companies specifically in the BPO industry that offer non-voice accounts, a graphic designer is one of the most hired positions connected to the IT industry. And guess what; most recruiters face the struggle of getting the right candidate. Even if an applicant has a tempting MBA or a bachelor degree in engineering, you can’t just hire them if they don’t have a background experience in graphic designing.

In other words, the search for a graphic designer can be a frustrating and intimidating task for recruitment teams. It’s easy to assess portfolios, interview applicants, and convince them that your team and dream project is worth their time and skills. You also can throw a lot of questions in one sitting. But first, what kind of a designer do you want?

Different Roots of Designers

Designers can come from different fields from merely a self-studied hobby, journalism, art, ethnography, engineering, cognitive psychology, and others. There are graphic designers who can do their job without breaking a sweat while others can only manage stick-man figures. But then again, they can all be experienced UX graphic designers. Looking for just a “designer” won’t direct you to the right candidate. You have to be precise to match the skills needed for your project in mind.

What are the qualities you should look for in a graphic designer candidate?

First, decide which skills your project really needs for a graphic designer. Second, the right candidate should have a mastery of topography, work experience in diverse fields, a degree from an accredited design program, a keen eye for details and white space, team player attitude, and on point portfolios aside from being skilled in research.

A candidate that fits in your updated requirements will help you nail your dream project, which can open more doors of opportunities for your company sooner or later. For more exclusive articles about recruitment, follow us at