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Pigtronix Tremvelope Envelope Modulated Tremolo

Trem. Tremolo. Tremohlo. Tremeelo. Truhmuhlo. However you decide to pronounce it, picking the right one is a task. Just like most effects these days the options are endless. One knob? You can find it. But you want sixteen knobs?! It exists. I’ve been on a mission for months to find my perfect tremolo pedal and I think I may be close.

My demands were simple, for today’s pedal world anyhow, smooth to choppy, can do super fast or super slow, and expression control for speed. The TREMVELOPE has those features.

  • Two wave form selections via mini toggle (saw tooth/sine wave)
  • Speed knob (with expression control option)
  • Depth knob

Then it get’s into so many features that I didn’t think I would really need. I was wrong. I had this pedal on my board with the expression pedal for a little while and it was great, terrific even, but geez that expression pedal is so bulky. In comes the Envelope features. These controls get me pretty close to never needing the expression again. Speed ramps up or down when I need, it even controls depth both directions if I want, and all based on my pick attack. Add in the stereo in/out capabilities and I’ve got a whole new landscape of sounds I’ve never dabbled in before.

I’ll admit, there are three tremolos on my board right now. I only use one though. The other two are just for the sake of saying, “Hey! look at all the trems I’ve got!” The next time I move pedals around the TREMVELOPE stays and the others go. It covers the ground I need it to. The sound of this pedal is both clean and rich, full and precise. Before and after my dirt section it does the trick. With bass and guitar it remains consistent and true.

Overall there aren’t any other controls I could think of that would be a benefit to this pedal from Pigtonix. It seems fairly sturdy, and has not failed me yet. It looks classy on the board too. I just have trouble deciding which end of the chain to put it in.

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