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Everywhere I turn, it seems, I hear Christians bemoaning the direction of our nation. From the decline in individual morality to out government standing for abhorrent behavior, it is a frightening time in many ways.

As our nation continues to move further from God and His Word, Christians ask the question why? We wonder how this has happened, especially in a nation that was, very clearly, founded upon Christian principles.

While there are countless reasons that could be given for why this continues to occur, I want to share one reason that every one of us needs to consider.

It actually comes from a principle found in a well-known verse in the Old Testament:

“Be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10).

What does that verse have to do with this article? It has everything to do with it.

May I suggest to you that one of the major reasons why our nation is running away from the Lord is because we are not still.


From the moment we rise in the morning until we lay our heads down at night, we are in a mode of constant activity. In our hyper-connected world, that activity is only increasing. We listen to the radio. We listen to podcasts. We check social media. We scroll through Pinterest. We work. We eat. We catch the latest episode of a TV show. We run to ball practice. We exercise at the gym. We run by the grocery store. We text. We call.

Is all this sounding just a wee bit familiar?

What is scary is that, for many of us, this is a description of virtually every day. Seemingly every moment of every day is filled with things that are not necessarily bad, but that simply fill every moment of our day.

That being case, when are we still?

And if we are never still, when can we meditate on the wonder and glory of our God?

And if we rarely–if ever–do that, how can we know Him?

Activity is good. Christians need to be going about doing good, just like our Lord did (Acts 10:38).

However, may I remind all of us that even Jesus took time away to spend alone with the Father? And He did so regularly.

Is it any wonder, then, that He knew the Father, and never once moved away from His will?

Look at your calendar. Check out your to-do list. Is it so filled with this-and-that to the point that time to just consider and be in awe of our wonderful Father is forced out?

One day, instead of trying to jog and listen to music, why not just jog and enjoy the wonders of God’s creation around you?

Some Sunday afternoon, instead of watching another movie or game, why not walk around your yard and praise God for all you see?

Instead of signing up your kid for every sport, why not take some of that time and have family devotionals, digging into the Word of God together?

How about you erase several things from your DVR and instead meditate on a passage from God’s Word, being filling with amazement at His wisdom and glory?

Slow down. Be still.

And know that He is God!

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