I see it virtually every day, and each time I see it, I cringe.

It goes this way: someone puts a post on Facebook, seeking prayers for some situation in life. Maybe a relative is facing surgery, or maybe it is because of a job loss. Certainly, there is nothing wrong with that. It is good to ask for others to carry our burdens, including in prayer.

Then, once the request is posted, people begin to put comments. You might see the following:

“Praying for you.”

“I’m praying for your family.”

“We will be praying.”

“Sending prayers your way.”

Wait, what?

Did you read that last one? “Sending prayers your way.”

Now, before you think I am just nitpicking, let me say that I understand what people are trying to say when they leave that comment. But I also believe that words mean things, and writing “sending prayers your way” shows a clear misunderstanding of what prayer is.

Let me illustrate it this way: if I put on Facebook that I lost my job and I sure would like people to be praying for me, then someone says, “I’m sending prayers your way,” who does that imply they are praying to? It is saying that they are praying to me!

I do not want people to pray to me; in fact, they can’t!

We “send” prayers to God…not to other people.

If you want to type that you are sending prayers, write something like this on the Facebook comment: “Sending prayers to our heavenly Father for you.”

After all, He is the only One worthy of hearing and receiving our prayers.

Please, do not stop asking for others to pray for you in any format (in person, through a text, on Facebook, etc.). We need to seek others to pray for us when we are struggling.

But, please, if you are going to respond to those requests, remember the One to whom you are praying…and “send your prayers” to Him.

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