December 18th

Imagine knowing the date you are going to die. What would you do with that information? Would you skydive? Would you gamble every last cent on one roulette spin? Would you finally say “I love you” to someone? I guess this all depends on how far into the distance your expiration date is.

Mmmmmm. I just took a glorious sip of hot coffee. This specific roast has depth. Hmmmmm. What do I do with this moment? What do I do with the information I’ve just obtained from one fleeting sip? The sip that gave me warmth, mental alertness, and knowledge. If I knew I was gonna be removed from existence 5 minutes from now, would scheduled coffee even matter to me? I just assume each batch adds to an immeasurable accumulation of things that create some abstract, faraway manifestation of value. A sudden display of death wouldn’t be what I consider a faraway manifestation of value, so an arrangment with coffee now seems foolish. So what do I replace it with? What is the optimal play when it comes to maximizing life’s waning moments?

The 2017–18 Dallas Mavericks will be 0–30 before earning their first win of the season, December 18, 2017, live from AAC.

Dear Coach Carlisle,

Play Finney-Smith often, as in the majority of the game. It will be of great value to the long-term stability of the franchise.


Simple Logic

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