10 Holiday Finds for the Tech-Loving Ladies in Your Life

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6 min readDec 16, 2018
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Having difficulty shopping for the technology-loving ladies in your life? Put your woes at ease. We at COFFEE & CODED put together some of the ten best tech products techies (and others) will love. Check them all out and pick which one you want to place under the tree, below!

1. Casetify Leather Tassel Lightning Charging Cable

Casetify Leather Tassel Lightning Charging Cable

One of the messiest things about living in the 21st century is the inevitable tangled charger. There is nothing quite like reaching into your bag when your phone is in need of some juice, only to spend an extra ten minutes untangling a cord as your batter dies. To make charging life slightly easier, give the Casetify Leather Tassel Lightening Charger Cable a try. Capable of charging either iPhones, iPads, or iPods, the Lightning Charger is concealed by a fashionable tassel that can be clipped to your carry-on or purse. It’s a charging necessity and a chic accessory, no pesky untangling required.

Casetify Leather Tassel Lightning Charging Cable, $60

2. Upright GO Posture Improver

Upright GO Posture Improver

You may be familiar with “tech neck,” or the condition in which the skin on your neck becomes prematurely crinkled from staring down at your phone too much. But have you ever considered how technology is affecting your posture as a whole? The team at Upright did. They develop the award-winning Upright GO, an adhesive sensor that can track your posture and provide improvement recommendations through the corresponding free app. Back pain is decreased, productivity is increased, and your overall well-being will be boosted as a result.

Upright GO Posture Improver, $79.95

3. Crave Vibrator + Necklace

Crave Vibrator + Necklace

Double-duty products are always win-wins for ladies in tech. The perfect mix of nice and naughty, this elegant pendant is a statement piece by day, and, well, even more of a statement at night. We’ve heard all about how diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but this gold multi-tasker has suddenly taken the cake in more ways than one.

Crave Vibrator + Necklace, $149

4. YOUDirect Microfiber Mop Ball

YOUDirect Microfiber Mop Ball

You may be familiar with the Roomba, but how about the YOUDirect Microfiber Mop Ball? This colorful little critter’s auto-rolling function allows for it to absorb dust and other dirt directly from your floor. It’s easily-cleaned with washable, removable fur, and is covered by a full-year warranty for any dissatisfaction experienced. Who knew vacuums could be so, well, cuddly?

YOUDirect Microfiber Mop Ball, $17.99

5. Fitbit Flex 2 Bangle

Fitbit Flex 2 Bangle

Wearable technology may have previously been perceived as too-clunky or too dull to wear. The Fitbit Flex 2 Bangle turns this perception on its head. Comprised entirely of stainless steel, the Fitbit Flex 2 Bangle helps to transform your original Fitbit into an eye-catching piece of jewelry that perfectly complements wedding or work attire. Please note that trackers are not included within the product, and that the bangle is not water-resistant.

Fitbit Flex 2 Bangle, $49.95

6) Kate Spade Laptop Sleeve

Kate Spade Laptop Sleeve

Protecting your technology is key. With the Kate Spade Laptop Sleeve, any gadget of yours will be well-cushioned within a trendy, shock-absorbent casing. Complete with a gold zipper and metallic accents, you’ll feel well at ease that your 13-inch computer will remain undamaged and ready to work after a hectic morning commute.

Kate Spade Laptop Sleeve, $69.99

7. Pinch Provisions Tech Kit

Pinch Provisions Tech Kit

It helps to put all your technological necessities in one basket. Or, in this case, one tech kit. From the team at Pinch Provisions comes a stylish marble bag containing all your basic industrial needs. Cables, charger heads, head phones, and even a “passwords cheat sheet” are just several items found within its contents, although there’s plenty of room for whatever else your tech-centric heart desires.

Pinch Provisions Tech Kit, $26

8. Crosley UO Exclusive Cruiser Bluetooth Record Player

Crosley UO Exclusive Cruiser Bluetooth Record Player

They say video killed the radio star. Try paying homage to radio stars everywhere with this updated spin on a timeless favorite. This vintage-inspired record player gives you the choice of playing LPs or streaming your Spotify playlist from any Bluetooth device. There’s even a headphone jack for those times you’d like to jam out solo.

Crosley UO Exclusive Cruiser Bluetooth Record Player, $99

9. La Roche-Posay My Skin Track UV

My Skin Track UV — La Roche-Posay

Wearable technology has slowly been popping up in various lifestyle verticals over the years. Now, the skin care gurus at La Roche-Posay have brought it into dermatological health. The My Skin Track UV is a tiny, portable tracker that measures how much exposure your skin has to natural aggressors on a daily basis. It then translates this information via a free app into lifestyle recommendations and product suggestions that can better help protect you from UV damage or visible signs of premature aging. As the scientists at La Roche-Posay say: healthy skin begins with a healthy lifestyle.

My Skin Track UV, $59.95

10. Valfré Elena iPhone Case

Valfre Elena iPhone Case

Hauling a purse around can be a bit hindering, especially during a night out. Put it down on the bar, forget about it, and your whole evening can go to shambles. The Valfré Elena iPhone Case eliminates this by doubling as both a phone case and a purse. Designed by the California-hailing artist herself, the case works across iPhones 6 through 8, 6+ through 8+, and even X. Its vegan leather is lined with slots for all your cards or bills, and it comes completed with adjustable straps. Feel free to enjoy the night without being weighed down with a bag that’s too big (or with the fear of losing it).

Valfré Elena iPhone Case, $40



Break Stereotypes Crop Hoodie

Last but not least, we’d be remiss if we didn’t add our COFFEE & CODED store to the list! Check out our store for code-themed tee-shirts, sweaters, mugs, and tote bags for your favorite women in tech!

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