5 Rules to Creating Great Content

Content, content, content: that’s all anyone talks about these days. We all know that if a site wants to keep people coming and staying, their content has to speak in such a way it keeps the conversation going and the interest peaked. See below for a five tips on how to keep your content popping:

1) Keep it simple

There’s nothing like verbose content that just goes on, loses audience’s attention, and says ten thousands things in one sentence when it could’ve just cut it all down into a few, snazzy words and saved everyone the time and brain cells to get through a clunky paragraph.

See what we mean? Point made. Keep your prose simple and clean; you’ll thank us later.

2) Keep it relevant

By “relevant” we mean by “what you’re writing about,” not necessarily in a chronological sense. You can write about the top ten greatest That 70’s Show episodes of all time so long as its en pointe with what you’re trying to convey. If you’re a fashion brand trying to promote a new seventies-inspired line, That 70's Show could work. If you were a fashion brand posting it just for the hell of it, well, maybe not so much.

3) Keep it pliable

It’s not just about the content but where the content can and will be shared. Cross-platform integration is essentially to the shelf-life of content as well as audience reach. When creating content, make sure it’s formed in such a way that it can be dispersed over a multitude of channels appropriately.

Danger young writer!

4) Keep it human

Robots are taking over as it is, ok, so make sure your content doesn’t sound like it’s been written by one. Obviously this rule differs depending on what kind of brand you are (finance, maybe a casual, human tone isn’t your thing). Regardless, connections are based in emotions, and you can’t emote with a machine.

5) Keep it real

People can pick up on the phony, even when it’s on a screen. When creating content, make sure it’s true to your brand image and your voice, as well as the topic you’re discussing. It’ll emphasize the humanity of the piece but will also establish audience trust. And that’s the most valuable asset any site could have.

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