COFFEE & CODED Female Founders Series: #1 Tricia English

Coffee & Coded
Aug 7, 2018 · 2 min read
Photography: Ungelbah Davila

Meet Tricia English. With a background in product development and business from the Melbourne School of Fashion, Tricia has spent most of her professional life working in different areas of visual design. Now residing in Santa Fe, New Mexico, she has since managed and operated businesses from start-ups to well-established entities. Currently, she is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the online publication UNUM Magazine — a magazine dedicated to highlighting the stories of diverse women to inspire, motivate, and build a sense of community and connection worldwide. Find out why we’re so inspired by her. Check out her story below!

Fast Facts

Home Base: Sante Fe, New Mexico

Title: Founder & CEO, UNUM Magazine

Founding Date: 2017

Fav App: TapeACall

Fav Podcast: “How I Built This” with Guy Raz

Female Role Model: Kimberly Corbitt, Founder of TxEDO Healthcare.

From Tricia’s Perspective

Why Did You Start UNUM Magazine?

“I have a background in design and I wanted to create impactful content about women around the world. I got the name UNUM from the phrase “E Pluribus UNUM” meaning “out of many, one.” I’ve lived around the world and wanted to create something to highlight the stories of women around the world. UNUM is about building connections and sharing who we are.”

What Wisdom Have You Learned In Your First Year of Business?

“I think its constantly learning. I took a huge leap of faith [starting UNUM]. It’s still considered a startup but it’s growing so fast. I have big visions and I keep opening up different doors. I’ve never limited myself to one path in this business. I see this as a huge global collaborative magazine. “

What Advice Would You Give to A New Entrepreneur?

“Be flexible. There’s this control that comes with being an owner, but be flexible to what opportunities can arise. Really think about what could potentially come out of something you didn’t realize was there. If there is something that you wanna do, go for it.”

For more on Tricia English or UNUM Magazine, check out the website here and follow UNUM on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

This feature is a part of the COFFEE & CODED Female Founders series. To learn more about COFFEE & CODED, follow us here on medium or on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

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