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4 min readAug 16, 2018

Meet Tracy Tran. Tracy is the CEO and Founder of Mountain Services, which is a Global Full Solution Tech Consulting, Design, Marketing, and Worldwide educational Super source. Tracy is also the Co-Founder of Mountain Services’ sister company, Think Out of the Box STEM Academy, (TOB Team) ( — site coming soon).

Tracy is also the Founder of, a subsidiary of Mountain Services (site coming soon), dedicated to helping others Learn, Earn and Grow in whatever passions that they have in life. She is also building a personal blogging site, (coming soon).

Tracy Tran initially started Mountain Services out of a life-long passion in technology and a deep desire to help people. Her optimistic outlook on life is a strong motivating factor to her team, her friends, family, and those around her. In a very short time, through hard work, dedication, and networking, Mountain Services has grown to what it is today. Apart from her technical science and entrepreneurial background, Tracy takes joy in mentoring others in soft skills and encourages others to live a kind and humble life.

Find out why she inspires us by reading more below!

Fast Facts

Home Base: Fort Collins, Colorado

Title: Founder & CEO of Mountain Services, Co-Founder of Think Out of the Box STEM Academy, Founder of, and Founder of

Founding Date: 2016 (Mountain Services), 2018 (TOB STEM), 2018 (Learn-Earn-Grow), 2018 (

Fav App: WhatsApp

Last Book Read: Anything on cybersecurity

Female Role Model: Kimberly Tanny, Owner and Instructor of Tanny Academy of Martial Arts 4th Dan ITF Black Belt and Team USA Competitor, a photographer and a very supportive sister.

From Tracy’s Perspective:

Why Did You Start Mountain Services Co.?

“I had a life-long passion for technology and a deep desire to help people. I initially started Mountain Services as a passionate hobby to teach and help others grow and learn, so it was never about the money. As an advocate of “always growing and learning”, I always seek to [discover] new things and preach the same for others around me. I am a huge believer in paying it forward and I want to help others be who they were meant to be.”

What’s the Biggest Challenge You’ve Faced So Far?

“In my book, you cannot fail unless you give up. Obstacles are only a chance to learn. If you stay in one place without trying to learn new things you are actually falling backwards because life moves forward all the time. Our TOB Team’s current goal is to unify the approach globally in the field of STEM and technology by focusing on 5 different areas (tech skills, soft skills, culture, history, and career). We want to learn as we help others improve themselves personally and professionally at the same time. [Our biggest challenge] is organizing teams of global ambassadors and coordinating events across different time zones and borders, but we are making such great progress, with noticeable growth and publicity, and things are falling into place beautifully step-by-step! I’m so happy I’m getting to positively touch the lives of so many people in the world to help make a difference.”

What’s the Biggest #WN or AHA Moment You’ve Had So Far?

“[My] biggest aha moment was when I realized that I wanted to step out publicly and turn my dreams of starting a business into a reality only two years ago in 2016. I used to be quite a shy person, but I’ve come a really long way, stepped out of my comfort zone, grown, learned new things and transformed into the person that I am today, an outgoing leader who isn’t afraid of obstacles or challenges! Bring them on!”

What Advice Would You Give To Other Women Looking to Start a Business?

“Do what you are passionate about, ignore the haters, and never give up, even when those around you tell you to give up. If you do something just for the money or something that others want you to do, you will soon find that you will either burn out, get bored, or be unsatisfied. When you choose to do something that you love passionately, you will naturally turn it into an income making opportunity and career and you’ll have a seemingly endless amount of energy to do so! Someone may try to kick you to the ground and tell you that you cannot do something, but what they don’t realize is that you are actually a seed to grow and flourish. When you put your heart and mind to it, you can achieve anything. The pages of your life are empty so fill them up with meaningful experiences and relationships, value the word integrity, and slow down to capture and enjoy the beautiful moments in your life. At Mountain Services, Adventures Never End and Learning Never Stops, so I encourage people to take this journey with me and whatever your passions are in life, believe intensely, and chase after them!”

For more on Tracy Tran or Mountain Services Co, check out the website here and follow Mountain Services on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

You can also connect with Tracy Tran on Youtube and Daily Motion.

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