Get Proud: Some of the Best LGBTQIA+ Apps to Download Right Now

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Jun 21, 2018 · 3 min read

Hey, everyone, NYC Pride is here!

For weeks leading up to one of our favorite pride New York events, the city is drenched in rainbows and posters displaying messages of universal love and equality. This pride, check out a few LGBTQIA+-specific apps you can download instantly on your phone. Colorful details below:

Knowing your shit in the historical sense is of great importance and Quist emphasizes just that. Originally released in 2013, this app is all about serving users information regarding gay history, even allowing for users to host a Quist speaker for a school event or workshop and allows the opportunity for you to add your own content to the app. It’s a little more food for thought than your average app, and keeps you hungry for more.

Dating today sucks no matter what your sexuality, so who needs another dating app? QueerBFF is the ingenious idea of connecting users in the LGBTQIA+ community in a totally platonic way. Similarly to Tinder or Grindr, QueerBFF matches people based on mutual likes with the sole purpose of encouraging friendly relationships between members of the gay community to prevent loneliness in those who may find difficulty in making other gay friends.

Netflix’s selection can sometimes, er, be lacking in variety, but fear not: Here TV is here! Here TV is an app you can download via you provide or OTT of choice that has a largest selection of LGBTQIA+-specific movies, series, documentaries, and even short films. We’re not sure about you, but we kind of like the sound of “Let’s Here TV and Chill.”

Similar to QueerBFF, Moovz allows users to find other members of the LGBTQIA+ community to connect with. However, Moovz is more in the same format as Instagram than Tinder, and allows for users to bond via the publication and interaction of content. They also have a really sick blog with the latest LGBTQIA+ news that you can check out right here.

So go on and get proud! Check out further information on the NYC Pride Parade details here and help spread the message with a little love and good tidings.

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