Roots Movement: Remembering Why We Love the Internet

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3 min readJun 18, 2018


The Internet has a pretty bad rap these days. Honestly, how could it not: with Facebook in court and Amazon’s increasing presence, the chips on people’s soldiers with regards to the net aren’t few or far between.

But try to push that aside, just for a moment. Forget the data-sharing and the possible espionage; forget the trolls on Reddit and the hyper-edited Instagram shots. Let’s all sit back and appreciate just how cool the Internet actually is.

Oh, the memories.

For one thing, the sheer accessibility of it all is mind-boggling. Just think: not even a decade ago most people still went to the library, the library, to do research (personally, I remember my high school teachers deeming Wikipedia as a source non-grata to cite at the bottom of essays). Now anyone, anywhere, has access to the world’s worth of information at their fingertips. You can find anything, buy anything, know anything usually in the span of a few seconds. No other time in the history of mankind had that sort of access.

Talk about bare bones.

There’s also the matter that anyone has the ability to make whatever they want from it. You can make a video, publish a story, open up a store all without having to put pants on, and the majority of it is for free. So sit back, relax. Open up that browser, and remember that the Internet isn’t cool in it of itself, but cool because of what you can make from it. And while you’re at it, check out a list of top 10 free resources you can use today!

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TOur Top 10 Free Resources for Web Development List:

  1. Atom — Text Editor
  2. Github — Repository Hosting, File Storage & Web Hosting
  3. — Online Community for Testing & Showcasing Front-End Code
  4. JSBin — Online Text Editor for Front-End Code with a range of plug-ins & processors
  5. InVision — Online Prototyping Tool to create interactive mockups
  6. Marvel — Online Prototyping Design Tool
  7. WhatFont — Find out what font is being used
  8. Evernote — Note-taking, Organizing, Tasks, Lists
  9. Google Sites — Design & Host Free Sites

10. RealTimeBoard- Online Environment for Collaborative Whiteboarding



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