Yes. I agree on that as well.
Sonny Recio

Great read Sonny Recio!

I agree with your points on building your career over social network and also doing business. Yes, there are plenty of good reasons to be on a social network, and plenty of other negative reasons too.

Like most of the things, even this one has its good and bad side. We gotta decide ourselves how helpful vs. how harmful this really is. If it does more harm than good, we gotta do something about it. I’m glad that you have taken a step towards it.

But to be honest, most companies are driven by whatever gets users hooked to their service, and ethics usually takes a backseat here. Most people are happy being hooked to Facebook, and hence it works.

Why only Facebook, every goddamn service is dying to get users addicted. I had previously written about Medium here. You might be interested in reading it.

I had also written on how an ideal matchmaking app should be. In short, it shouldn’t be like Tinder.

I’ll be happy to hear your thoughts on them as well.