We can also look at this from the point of view that now Medium readers are able to select their…
Niina Sauvolainen

I hear you, and I agree with you. User behaviour is indeed contextual. But what I can’t really wrap my head around is when I think of the other countless features Medium could have introduced, but they chose to settle with Series.

Considering the timing, I think it’s just a move to tap into the Snapchat population. I understand that user needs are important, but as long as they align with the philosophy and focus of an organization. Series is a neat feature, and I believe people will use it in a lot of creative ways; it’s just that Medium used to stand for something different according to me. I felt Medium was for people who love to read. Series makes it a platform for people who lack attention and don’t have enough time to read.

Another problem I find is that consuming a Series, and even creating a Series is relatively easier than creating a Story. If Series takes off in a big way, it’ll hamper the creation and readership of stories. They kind of work against one another — unlike Instagram where disappearing stories and the daily feed don’t really work against each other — they are relatively easy and effortless to create or consume.