The One Where I Break Up 💔 With Facebook

Voila! My Facebook Newsfeed. Read the quote; it’s totally apt.

We had a good thing going, but then I figured, it was time.

I installed News Feed Eradicator for Facebook a couple of months back. I think this is one of the right decisions I made in the past few months.

It was hard to understand the benefits at first; at least in the first week. But after a couple of days, or perhaps, couple of weeks, it started to dawn on me that now I have got so much of time in my hands to try and waste my time doing other stuff. When I say, “so much of time”, I mean exactly 73.38 minutes every day. Yep, I measured it. Try Rescue Time and surprise yourself.

In case you are wondering, I believe 73.38 minutes are significant time to waste on a daily basis doing just Facebook. I would rather waste it on Netflix, or Medium 😁.

73.38 minutes are significant of time to waste on a daily basis doing just Facebook. — Tweet this!

Well, in my defence, I only followed photographers, artists, cartoonists, and other creatives.

I had unfollowed almost everyone on Facebook except my close friends. I went to Facebook to get inspired by other people’s works. But in the name of inspiration, and appreciation of photography, art, educational videos, and what not, I was burning away more than an hour every day 😱.

After close to 5 months of not using Facebook; like, not at all, I don’t think I feel I’m missing anything. Life is normal; better in many ways. I finally made FOMO my bitch 😎.

The things you own end up owning you. — Tweet this!

Now I’ve more time to read and re-read books. I gotta finish 36 books this year, and an extra hour and fifteen minutes every day is godsend. Also, now I get more time to watch movies. Yay!

What else? Yesterday I just turned off all the notifications from WhatsApp. Hah! It made my life so much simpler now. I’ve left group notifications on as WhatsApp is still the primary mode of communication in my workplace. I’m not much of an Instagram or Twitter guy, so I don’t have much of a problem there. I can’t talk about the imminent benefits right away as it has been only a day. Maybe another post? 🤔

I love Medium though. I love reading. I (think I) love writing. I seldom write, but now I’m gonna try to force myself to write as much as possible. And with Facebook Newsfeed, and WhatsApp notifications gone, I got a lotta time to focus on that.

This is your life, and it is ending one minute at a time.— Tweet this!

Life is good!

Out of bad habit I still fire up Facebook sometimes. I do that at least 10 times a day.

Facebook is just a button away. I press “f” and return, and there it is. But then when I see nothing in the feed, I get back to work eventually. Sometimes I feel like a dog who has been neutered, but still humps out of habit 😄.

You should try something like this, and then share your findings here.

Yeah, I ain’t got a lotta followers yet, but soon I will. If you comment, I will surely reply. Maybe we can exchange some ideas, and who knows, we’ll probably learn something new.

Disclaimer: I don’t have Facebook app on my phone. Facebook takes up to 300MB of the 5GB total free space in my 16GB iPhone. That’s 5.85% of the total space, only for distraction. Hence, DELETE! I should have put the warning before the spell.

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