Lost in the Pages

Russell Mercer
Sep 12 · 1 min read
PHOTO PROMPT © CEAyrhttps://rochellewisoff.com/?attachment_id=9429

“It’s you! I’m your biggest fan. I’ve read all your thesis’s and theories. Brilliant! If you wouldn’t mind…”

“Sorry son, didn’t see you there.” Professor Land removed his glasses and rubbed his tired eyes, before looking the lad, a ball of barely contained energy, up and down. “I was quite lost in an enchanted forest when you found me, and want very much to return.”

The boy stood stunned and wide-eyed, not knowing how to react. At once, pleased to be acknowledged and miffed at being dismissed.

“Take a card and see me tomorrow. Office hours are on there. Goodnight.”

WC : 100

This story was written as part of the Friday Fictioneers weekly challenge hosted by Rochelle over at her site. The point is to write a full story in just 100 words based on the picture of the week.

That is what I’ve tried to do here. Hope you like my little 100 word story!

Running miles, writing fiction, the occasional poem, and perhaps a bloggy type thing here and there. It's a fun little ride, so why not join me!

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