Do Your Job

Don’t overcomplicate the simple. In life we have tasks, jobs, skills… name it, that allow us to be quite good within the systems that we are part of. To ignore the fact that we are small. We are a cog in a much larger system.

There are times to push the rules of the system and framework to rewrite the code for better functionality.

There are also times to understand that you have a role and function to perform. Bill Belichick operates the Patriots under the idea of “Do Your Job”. Each player has a role to do. Identify your job. And do it. Even more importantly do it well.

If each person of a team does their job well, then the whole system benefits. In football, if the lineman misses a block, then the play is over from the start. The lineman must block. The quarterback must ensure a good handoff. The running back must hit the proper gap. It is a dance. It is harmony. It is a series of fortunate events.

How do we do this?

As Marcus Aurelius states in Meditations, “…approach each task as if it is your last, giving up every distraction, emotional subversion of reason, and all drama, vanity, and complaint over your fair share.”

Understand your role. Find peace in the simple notion of doing your job today. Don’t worry about the job of others. Those pieces are out of your control.

Don’t overcomplicate life by doing more than what you are supposed to do. Stay within your lane when it is time to perform.

Understand that you can expand your lane and switch lanes in the offseason, in practice, and in you self development to improve and build up your capacity and role. However, when the green light is on and it is game time you must not jump ship. Stick to the plan. Work within the framework to give up yourself to benefit the team.

In the end everyone will win and exceed expectations. Be the cog to keep the machine running. Don’t be the cog that creates tension and a disruption to the system.

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