Resumes are Dead.

The world is changing. People want something different and a breath of fresh air. Let us examine resumes for a minute.

They are dead. They suck. They are boring.

They are a space for bullshit. We can add anything we want to a resume. We can use all these fancy words to make our past look better than what it really was. It is the old world technique that now happens today on Facebook and social media. How often do we look to Instagram or Facebook and see people post all these amazing things to portray that their lives are so perfect and wonderful when they are miserable in reality.

Resumes are the same. Yes, I know you are shaking your head preparing an email to tell me that colleges and jobs still require resumes.

Hold on a sec

What if





A Resume

What if instead of being like the rest of the world you mix it up. You cannot avoid it completely, but does it have to be a Google searched resume template that every other person used? Why not change? Why not create a website or a PowerPoint slidedeck that just blows them away. Intrigues them to want to know more. Showcases that you are different from everyone. Stand out. Heck, make an infographic resume. I don’t care how you do it, but do it differently. The whole reason you are creating a resume in the first place is to get noticed so why not do it right away from the start. Showcase what you CAN do and not just little milestones. Make it come alive, showcase that portfolio of action. You have been documenting your work and experiments all along right? You use that thing attached to you 24/7 called a phone to record video, audio, and photos for your custom site correct?

Be different. Be bold. Let them know that you are more than the rest.

I want to hear from you. Have you created a resume that stands out from the rest? Have you seen other examples. I am seeking examples for a book I am writing and would love to find those rare people who take the risk.