Opinion: Extreme Bernie Sanders Supporter’s Backlash When You Write the Truth
S. Novi

An excellent Article, and I totally agree, but I would like to add the one main element that is missing. Much of the blame lies at the feet of Bernie Sanders. Senator Sanders is, above all else, a politician. He has campaigned for office, he has dealt with the players, both in the light, and the back room and he knows how the system works. When he began his run for the Nomination, he was fully aware of the uphill fight he had against an entrenched and some would say anointed candidate. Personally, I believe that he did not begin with the idea that he could take the nomination from Hillary Clinton, rather that he would have the opportunity to advance his vision of how America should be. Once his campaign started, I believe that even he was a bit surprised at the level of support he received from those who felt left out, or who became newly engaged by his ideas.

At this point, there is no sense in rehashing the Primaries, and the inner workings that secured the Nomination for HC, travesty of justice, or the right outcome, it is what it is. Clinton was nominated by the Democratic Party and became the candidate. This is where Bernie the idealistic candidate, and Bernie the politician effectively sealed the election of Donald Trump. (Yes HC was a lousy candidate, yes, she ran a lousy campaign, yes her staff were stupid in their high and mighty belief that the election was over), but a real politician knows that it ain’t over until the votes are cast. And any real politician could see that unless the Sanders supporters got on board, if not enthusiastically at least to come out and vote, the danger of losing was very real. I believe that Bernie Sanders made a conscious decision to “back” Clinton only halfheartedly, with enough tepid support to “look” good, but not enough to encourage his supporters to back her. There are probably a number of Articles where Bernie Sanders could have had a bigger role in shaping policy, but for whatever reason decided to “sit this one out”. The bottom line, he did not turn his people loose to support the Democrat, the Republicans, holding their nose, and yes, being swayed by a great con man, went to the polls, pulled the R Lever, and here we are.

And the sad part is, that those die-hard Sanders supporters still don’t get it.

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