Coffee Maker Style Guide

According to a statistics, almost 83 percent of Americans drink coffee on a regular basis. It means almost 100 million of people drinks coffee everyday only in America. Americans are diversified people and their coffee methods are one of the most favorites around the world. There are huge varieties of coffeemaker available on online and retailer shops to brew your favorite coffee.

Before choosing a coffee maker for you, at first choose the coffee type you like most. Then choose the perfect one according to your preferences. The most common coffee maker style includes Automatic Drip, Manual Drip, French Press, Automatic Espresso, Stovetop Espresso, Percolator, Vacuum style etc. Every brewing style has some pros and cons of their own and as well as they offer the users various control over the machine.

Drip Coffee Maker:

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Drip Coffee Makers are the most popular and most favorite coffee brewing machine all around the America. The automatic machines are the most famous ones because of their efficiency and price. These machines are really easy to use and also budget friendly. The automatic coffee maker contains a filter basket. This filter paper filter holds the coffee grounds. The cold water is being poured over the water. The brewed coffee is being kept warm in the carafe. These machines can brew coffee automatically. That’s why it is called automatic drip coffee maker. however, if you don’t like this, then you may go for the manual drip coffee maker. You can manually set the temperature, amount of coffee ground, amount of water etc.

Espresso Coffee Maker:

There are various types of espresso maker available in the market. Some of them are manual espresso maker, super automatic, fully automatic, semi-automatic espresso maker etc.

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The super automatic espresso maker offers the most features among the all espresso maker. The most important fact is, it has built-in water filters, which is really useful. Then the fully automatic espresso maker has the ability of grinding the coffee. The semi-automatic espresso makers can tamp the coffee grounds, brew the coffee and can also eject grounds.

French Press Coffee Maker

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The French press coffee makers are also known as plunger pots and press pots.The French press coffee maker is a porcelain cylinder or simply just a glass pot which contains a filter. Notice that, the stainless mesh plunger works as the filter in these machines.

The user has to measure the coffee grounds to put and add to the boiling water. The plunger should be kept in the right place and being pushed till the coffee has been steeped for a few minutes. After the steeping process, the plunger is pushed and finally, your coffee is ready.

Vacuum Coffee Maker

Vacuum coffee maker looks like a laboratory element used in a chemistry lab. These coffee makers consist of two different overlapped containers, which are connected by a syphon tube. The filter located in the bottom of the upper container.

Source: Wikipedia

While using these machines, the users have to put the coffee in the upper container and the water into the lower container. Then the machines have to put on the top stove to vaporize the water. Then it will pass through the siphon tube in the upper container. The whole brewing required only three minutes of time. When the machine is removed from heat, the vapor turns back to water and forced through the filter to get back to the lower container. However, there are only a few companies, which are producing vacuum coffee maker now. The Farberware company had made the first vacuum coffee machine and the Sunbeam company made some really great automatic vacuum coffee machine.

Nowadays, coffee lovers have varieties of the option to choose the perfect machine for them. From an inexpensive coffee pots to a high-end super expensive coffee makers are available in the market. Just think about your requirement, fix the budget and grab a suitable coffee maker for you.

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