Bring Back Cubicles
Megan Reynolds

My old company had tall cubes with SLIDING DOORS and it was the greatest thing ever! They’ve since taken them all down though, and converted to short cubes where you can see the person across from you even while seated. My current office is open-ish. We had big meetings about space planning prior to moving into this building and EVERYONE adamantly said that we didn’t want an open plan and that we all wanted cubicles. Smash cut to the office space reveal meeting and we got low walled cubes. The people who make these decisions are often the ones who sit inside of offices and not on the floor with the rest of us plebes. Since my desk faces a hallway with high traffic I’ve rigged my short cube wall about 2' higher with the help of some giant bulldog clips. I’ve also tacked on some poster board to get an additional 2' width-wise because the dumb wall was also too skinny. When HR walked by and asked, “Did you do this?!” I answered, “yes” flatly.

Everyone wants to be hip and fun and cool but an office is an office and we can’t all be Google. We’re here to work so why not support this?!

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