Hannah on ‘Friendship’: Coffee Stories Denver

This Coffee Stories post was submitted via a receiver of a gifted coffee in a local coffee shop. Coffee Stories collects and edits for grammatical clarity with the permission of the contributor. To learn more about the Coffee Stories movement and share coffee kindness in your city see the How It Works page.

Name: Hannah M.

Date: January 17, 2016

Coffee shop: Little Owl Coffee

City: Denver, Colorado, USA

Coffee enjoyed: Cortado with Middle State Coffee; Neat espresso blend


1) Friendships are for ______.

Friendships are for me and you.

2) What is your favorite memory involving friendship?

Once upon a time, for a short time, I lived in Seattle. I was there to do some soul searching and “find myself” after living in Colorado my entire life. Needless to say, I met some incredible people. One of these people in particular (who worked in a sandwich shop with me and we would always belt out along to any Journey song that come on during our shifts) showed up to my going-away karaoke party and not only walked me home at 2 AM, but then turned around and had to walk back home themselves — a round-trip total of about 4 miles. We giggled, held hands, chatted, and also just enjoyed the silence of each others’ company. I have never felt so connected to another human.

3) Tell us about your best friend and why they are important to you?

Sarah. She’s been with me since we met making costumes in our high school theatre department. We were roommates in college and have gone through some of life’s toughest moments together. She’s seen me cry as many times as she’s cried on my shoulder, and though we share as many differences as we do similarities, I am a better person for having known her.

4) What drives you to be a better friend?

The desire to spread as much love as I can in the short time I have on this planet.

5) What is something you’ve always wanted to say to the world?

Go ahead and sit in your sunshine.