Kalamazoo: Why Some are Looking a $70 Million Gift Horse in the Mouth
Kathi Valeii

Thanks for this excellent article. Sounds like Kzoo is lucky to have Sykes and Milcarek. Sykes is correct in her analysis of Snyder’s direct responsibility for the anti-democratic and structurally racist Emergency Manager law (repealed by a state referendum and then re-passed by Snyder, but referendum-proof the second time), which makes Snyder responsible for the disaster in Flint. No Snyder = no Flint water crisis. He’s responsible for the rotten Educational Achievement Authority, Detroit Public Schools & other failed austerity policy horrors. Beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Johnston and Parfet are not friends of Kalamazoo’s residents. We need to move away from millionaires and billionaires controlling government, not towards it.