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The theme of this hackday was lockdown collaboration. I chose to interpret this as including anything that could be a homeschool project I could involve my 9 and 15 year old co-workers in. I’d had an idea that could incorporate geography, electronics, computing and music which seemed like a pretty good start.

The initial plan was inspired by the sites http://radio.garden/ and https://radiooooo.com/ both of which allow the user to play music from around the world by searching on a map. …

#Coghack with the Science Museum

For our latest Hackday collaboration with the Science Museum, I was looking at the collections API and wondering what I could do with this data when I remembered a small display I had seen in the wonderfully eclectic Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow. This little display case featured seemingly unconnected pairs of objects where each item of the pair was in some way the opposite of the other.

I decided to use the Science Museum data to build my own Cabinet of Opposites.

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Science Museum and Cogapp teams at our joint hackday in Brighton

The first thing to identify was what data I could use to compare between objects. It seemed that with a little coercion to convert all objects to use the same units and extract the longest side from a set of dimensions, I would be able to compare size, weight and age. …

Ahead of Brighton Talent Fest next week, here’s three Cogapp developers talking about their interesting journeys to make a career out of coding, and offering tips for anyone looking to break into the world of software development.

Featuring Vicki Tingle, Kevin Cunningham and recent starter James Waterfield.

This is the first ever Cogapp podcast. Let us know if you like it, and we might do another one.

Listen now using your preferred podcast app, or simply listen right here in your browser via Soundcloud.





Prefer to read rather than listen?

If you’re thinking about a career in digital, come along to the Wired Sussex Talent Fest and meet plenty of people who can give you guidance, including us! …

Celebrating #internationalarchivesday with our choice picks

It’s International Archives Day on June 9th so we’re sharing our favourite items, pages, pieces, and stories from archives the Cogapp team have worked on.

“Yoma Yoma”: A Live Performance of a Yiddish Folksong

From the Yiddish Book Center, loved by Jodie

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Sue Ehrlich — New York native, Yiddish activist, and artist — sings Yoma Yoma, accompanied by her guitar and explains the Yiddish lyrics in English.

Jodie says: Whilst working with the Yiddish Book Center I came across this video of New York artist and activist Sue Ehrlich singing a traditional Yiddish folk song called ‘Yoma Yoma’.

It’s a playful song about a mother trying to understand her daughter’s needs and the daughter being frustrated at her misinterpretation. Being a mother of two young daughters myself this really struck a chord with me.

I love the joy in Sue’s voice singing this and can picture it being sung by many Jewish parents to their young children. …

Celebrate the International Day of the Book with these suggestions from the Cogapp team

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Today is World Book Day, so we’re sharing some of our favourites (with links if you want to get hold of them).

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This is Going to Hurt : Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor by Adam Kay

An insight into the life of a junior doctor, giving you a rollercoaster of emotions throughout the book. A must for anyone who doubts the wonder that is our NHS.

— Jodie

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Samarkand by Amin Maalouf

A vivid tale of the lives of kings, their poets, astronomers and mathematicians — then the Mongols come along and raze everything to the ground.

— Neil

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100 Apocalypses & Other Apocalypses by Lucy Corin

Short stories about the apocalypse: some a few pages, others a single sentence.

— Vicki

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Fall On Your Knees by Ann-Marie Macdonald

A masterful Canadian saga about a family’s inter-generational journey from Cape Breton, via World War I, to NYC. Harrowing, intriguing, even Gothic. Cinematic writing; devastating plot. …

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A management buy-in today at leading international digital agency Cogapp enables a step change in its capacity for innovation and growth.

In 2016 Cogapp started on a new, more innovative and technically focussed, business strategy. This strategy has paid off in the form of excellent results in the last three years. Recognising this success, and building on it, three senior directors have today agreed a management buy-in with the two founders.

Co-owned for over thirty years by Alex Morrison (Managing Director) and Ben Rubinstein (Technical Director), the Cogapp management buy-in brings in three additional owners, Tristan Roddis (Director of Web Development), Gavin Mallory (Production Director) and Andy Cummins (Director of Product Development). …

What teachers taught us about designing digital content

Cogapp provides digital services to well-known museum and third-sector clients, many of whom provide educational content on their websites.

We invited teachers to show us how they planned their lessons and to tell us how to create digital educational resources that best help them in their work.

Our research uncovered six things that digital designers should consider when creating online lesson resources:

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1. Think about individual elements, not whole web pages

“Don’t plan a whole lesson for me because I’m not likely to use it. But provide a whole bunch of different resources and activities I can choose from.”

Teachers are Internet magpies, supplementing their teaching materials with assets found from across the web. They are experts in adapting materials to fit specific learning objectives and their pupils. …



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