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Cogastro is excited to spread the news about custom reports functionality that provides never-ending flexibility to choose what and how you want to see.

By designing the warehouse, we focus on the scalability of your information and the possibility to add new data points both vertically and horizontally across the process chain when you grow.

Custom reports include:
• Endless number of measures.
• Endless number of dimensions. …

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Photo by Christina @ wocintechchat.com on Unsplash

In relatively young and novel industries like insect farming, knowledge and know-how are crucial to success. As an insect farmer you are a pioneer, frequently using experimentation to find the best possible methods for your chosen insect species. Making, and learning from, potentially costly mistakes is the reality of the farming process. Multiple variables can be used to define farming and business success. However, Cogastro noticed two aspects are critical in insect farming: standardizing and documenting your process.

Numerous things will influence your farm output, for example, insect life cycle length, harvest weight, and nutritional value. A lot of the variables that affect production can, and should, be controlled to measure the outcome of existing breeding and rearing programs, to allow for workflow optimization. …



Digital insect farming

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