Nothing more than this at leaving more than 4,000,000 dead links in its wake

A Future for 48,000 Formerly Independent Self Hosted Web Sites Abandoned For

Alan Levine
2 min readJul 30, 2016

Go ahead, give up a digital home only you can control and move in to someone else’s shiny hotel on the strip. Because it’s easy.

Ignore what happened when Twitter bought when it just bulldozed everything and hauled the crushed bits and bobs to the web dumping grounds.

Check your assumptions at the door; I am not the only one that views source (source code at A bitter pill indeed left under the pillow of your hotel room.

I would be cliché to quote Santayana so let’s tap it out to a familiar midi tune.

I don’t want to say I told you so in the future, so I will just have this URL ready.

In future hindsight, I very well might be wrong, but if not, you won’t be able to read this. Instead you will have to view source to be warmed by:

Y’all made this a crazy ride and it was an honor and pleasure working with all of y’all. Thanks to all of the users. Thanks to the academy. Nobody will read this.

Your Indieweb is a home#4life or for as long as you choose. This site is not. You have no say nor choice, renter.



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