Self-hosting doesn’t help more people self-publish
Boris Mann

As Usual Boris Your Thinking is Way Ahead of Mine

I’m still trying to catch up with your ideas from 5 years ago.

Yes, an ultimate goal is more self expression. And maybe the distinction of hosted/cloud/API/frozen-on-old-CMS is not as important as “Can I manage/move/refactor it myself?”

And I would ask how many people making that jump to are doing it in the sane manner you are? How many will be able to move it to the next place, or will even want to if/when it changes?

I want people to care about the stuff they create and express, not just in the moment and forget about it when it flows back in the time stream, but in the longer run.

As far as twitter, I don’t care as much about that as a thing to necessarily curate, and will not be heartbroken of it vanishes (thought I do, using Martin Hawksey’s Twitter Archive mapped to To me it’s like all the conversations I’ve had with people at conferences and meetings and events, it would be nice to remember all the details, but I’m okay with some fuzzy memories.

Thanks for taking the time to reply, it’s giving me a lot more thought.

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