Alan, this concern is indeed very right.
Julien Genestoux

If I had an answer I’d share a link to my blog…

Thanks Julien, these are the questions that flow around my grey matter too.

I do not think the answer is technological, it’s personal. People have to not only care about, they have to find themselves, the value to them in their digital past, present, future legacy.

It’s this simple, mentality many people have gotten used to of the flow of media, news, content as a stream- my friend and colleague Mike Caulfield writes passionately of the stream/garden metaphor.

As individuals we cannot steer or turn this giant ship of humanity. All we can do is try to model and be the world as we’d like it, try all we can to influence those we touch, are in contact with, and just do what we can to keep a shoulder to the rudder.

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