Explicit post licensing
Jamie Talbot

Yay, a great statement for making sharing @medium content explicit.

How about like most other services having a default license choice in our settings? I wanted to back change the maybe 8 or so things I have published, and doing them one by one, edit, set license, republish, seemed a tad tedious.

And while the language “Except where otherwise noted” in the hover license text is described as “The language in the footer makes it clear that the license you choose for your work only pertains to the content not explicitly covered by a different license.” — in practice I bet this is not obvious to most readers.

I see plenty of times medium authors using images that are not theirs. If the lack of attribution then in a licensed work implies it is original, then this ought to made a bit more clear to writers. It would be a bigger step to integrate into works that may include materials of many difference licenses somethink akin to a comprehensive attribution statement.

And just for grins, on adding a tag to this response, I notice that I am the first to use a tag of “Attribution” — that says to me how low the level of awareness is.

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