A Gentle Reminder That Jesus Was A Brown Middle Eastern Refugee Who Would Not Have Voted For Trump
Sara Benincasa

Well, this post is not biblically based. First, Jesus wasn’t a refugee. His parents were temporarily traveling from their home to Bethlehem. They had a home and returned to it. They weren’t refugees in any sense of the word.

Jesus didn’t offer “free healthcare.” He healed people, definitely, but healthcare implies much more on a long term basis. Jesus, on the other hand, healed people permanently and then moved on. They didn’t keep coming back to Him over and over again. So no, this is not the same as “healthcare.”

Jesus didn’t protest against the occupying Romans. On the contrary, He said to “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.” He took the Pharisees to task, but that was because they had twisted God’s word to make it fit what they wanted to believe (pretty much what you did in your post).

Jesus was indeed a conservative in its purest form. He stood for putting God first, for saying that He was the ONLY way to God, for saying He brought a sword, not peace. He believed God was the author of life (so he would definitely be anti-abortion, which rips tiny, growing children limb from limb and steals that God-given life from them). He believed in able-bodied people working for things (we see that in the concept of gleaning which was God’s solution to feeding the poor, allowing them to work to get their food, as well as a quote from Paul where he says those who don’t work shouldn’t eat).

In fact, unlike every conservative I know (and I know a lot), Jesus never gave one penny to any poor person. Instead, He healed them so they could work and provide for themselves.

See, the problem with the above post is that you’re ignoring the fact that Jesus is God. And as God, He’s the one who inspired the Bible. Every word in it is “God-approved.” So if you don’t like what the Bible says about homosexuals or about sin in general, you’ll have to take that matter up with God.

More than anything, please stop trying to fit Jesus into who you think He should be, and let Him transform your ideas of right and wrong. When you change your beliefs to line up with the Bible, you’ll be amazed to see just how conservative Jesus was. Perhaps it would be better to actually read the Bible for yourself instead of basing your understanding of it on what others have told you it says.