CRM Powered by Blockchain

Cogmento will be the Salesforce of blockchain.

We all know CRM, a lot of us have used Salesforce and many products like it. Zoho, Pipedrive, Insightly, Sugar CRM.

Why is blockchain important for CRM? How will it disrupt Cloud Computing and B2B software?

Cryptocurrency can be used for payments, a good use case for micropayments. Algorithmically based software billing — time, storage, availability, this is easily enabled with cryptocurrency, and it’s transparent and secure.

Charging 10 cents per hour for our CRM, or 1 cent gets you 6 minutes to use our app, that makes perfect sense. We all really…

Blockchain CRM can power many business processes with Smart Contracts

Blockchain, specifically smart-contract based CRM unlocks features that a normal, centralized system can’t offer. The simplest use cases are payments and identity / access control. Beyond payments and identity, just incentivizing users in the CRM with rewards & bonuses is a killer feature. We all know the power of instant-rewards when clicking, getting coins in a game, so crypto can easily gamify CRM. A sales rep gets to 50 calls today —100 COGS reward. 100 calls, bigger reward. Closing customer support cases, etc. can pay reps as they work. Incentivizing reps to use a CRM is one of life’s greatest…

Cogmento CRM —

Annoucement Feb 10, 2019


Cogmento’s Android app is back in the app store! Now you can once again earn 100 COGS with Bounty #1. Download the app and check out the CRM and leave us a review!


Cogmento has launched an affiliate referral program for COGS — earn 5% of all COGS sold through your referral. You can earn COGS by referring traffic to our site, when your referrals buy COGS, you get 5%.




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Dear Cogmento User,

Welcome to Cogmento CRM!

If you are receiving this email, it’s because you signed up for our Open Beta.

You are probably one of the lucky few who also received COGS AIRDROP tokens.

We had some issues when we first launched — but most have been worked out. If you had trouble logging in, confirming your email, or problems with the mobile apps you were not alone!

Go back to the MVP CRM and log in or let us know how we can help.

Cogmento CRM was planning to open our Beta on February 1, but…

Cloud CRM Powered by Blockchain

🌐 Website:

Cogmento Metamask Login

Cogmento CRM Tour 1

☁️ Cloud CRM — COGS Economy

Over 250,000 COGS have been released. No more tokens will be distributed until after the Main Sale is complete. Bounties are OPEN! IF you were lucky enough to have COGS, congrads! You are a part of the Open Beta and can pay for cloud CRM using your COGS.

If you hold COGS, please list them on a Distributed Exchange! Any DEX! …


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