The matrix brain

So this morning I read this incredible statement that we all have an average of 65000 thoughts every day. I mean, 65 THOUSAND. That alone makes me want to yawn. But what is making the matter even more “O my god”, is that 90 % of these thoughts, have been thought by us every previous day. Basically we are creating Ground Hog Day in the brain. Every day. Over and over again. Worries, and stress, and bizarre little lines. Looping.

Now I understand exactly why people have to have loud radio’s on, and obsessive behavior on phones. To press the looping in the brain to a more subconscious level, to not be aware of it. If you think about it, its like A Matrix brain.

So I was already aware that when you do not practice meditation and/ or yoga on a frequent basis your thoughts will take over. (you know the saying, “you are not your thoughts”…) You know, the daily worries about money, or your fat ass, or children, or your boss his opinion. But the whole looping of 60K thoughts?? I had no idea.

So whilst driving to work this morning, I had a conversation with myself (yes, I do this, I talk to myself when I am alone) and decided to pay more attention to my thoughts and especially my Matrix loops. I mean, I have like tuns of notebooks, for my great (one day..) idea’s and thoughts. I always have one with me, but as a coincidence, yesterday I checked the most recent one. And there is a repetition in what I write down. Same idea’s, same thoughts. What is the point then?

Is this not a waste of time and energy?

Yes, we should all meditate, and be mindful and practice yoga, and eat a clean and healthy diet, whilst living in a sustainable environment, and sing Kumbaya around a campfire. I completely agree. BUT we KNOW all this already! So why can’t we keep on doing that?

How about, we unplug. How about we take the red pill. How about we dive into the rabbit hole?

I will continue to try and meditate more, and sit in silence. Look at everything around me, and be more aware. I have been doing this for a long time, but additionally I will make sure, that I break the looping.

I am going to wonderland. Will you join me?

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