After Life

Lately, as I go to sleep, I’ve been having conversations in my head with people who currently aren’t in my life. Whether it be because we’re too busy with our schedules, negative terms, or I have no idea of their whereabouts.

Then I look far, far into the future: in the afterlife. I imagine me and another person, face to face, standing on this infinite white plane. We’re finally talking again in this afterlife, even though we had our own youth and afterwards to talk. For some reason, we just ceased communication for the remainder of our lives. I imagine myself catching up with this other person, just laughing at trivial things in life, apologizing for something petty, answering questions we couldn’t when we were alive… And then I’m back here in the present, with hundreds of people who I have these imaginary conversations with. I get a feeling of ambivalence and remorse. This is where I find forgiveness and sympathy. That is the beginning, but where do we all go from here?

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