We Need to Talk About Bill Nye
Nathaniel MacPherson

I hear ya. I’m one of those people who is grateful that Nye is willing to be out there in the trenches promoting science…but, like you, I’ve really started to notice that past few years that he’s pretty terrible at explaining science, especially when live on TV or in debate formats. I recall a recent interview on Tucker Carlson’s show where he just wasn’t convincing at all in explaining climate change. So while Carlson was obviously being obnoxious, Nye just couldn’t rebut anything Carlson was peppering him with. I also remember Nye on Bill Maher’s show, a friendly setting for a liberal environmentalist, and Maher merely asked Nye how we know Earth is more than 6,000 years old. And he gave this really convoluted statement about driving out in to the woods, finding a a really old tree, drilling into it, taking a core sample, and on and o…instead of just talking about carbon dating or stars in the sky whose light takes us millions/billions of years to arrive to our planet. Just so bizarre.

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