3 ways loving your tribe can and will increase sales, trust, and overall productivity

So many enjoy discussing leadership, influence, and tactics behind how to inspire your tribe. Its amazing how a little love, compassion, understanding & empathy can create new momentum for those who previously possessed none.

The 3 tactics we believe in and are extremely excited to share with you; we know will not only drastically transform your culture but will put your company in the position to increase sales, productivity and sustain higher levels of trust among tribe and consumers.

  1. The Arch : How asking questions are far more impactful then demanding action

One of the biggest flaws from a leadership perspective is excepting a tribe member to perform a task either ask quickly or exactly how you would perform that task. Doing so puts your tribe member into a threat state, makes them feel less then, and ultimately once you micro manage them; creates a clone rather then a self motivator and “doer”.

The key is to first break down the specs of the task, and ask a variety of questions to your tribe member, leading them up the arch thus putting them in the position to preform the task with no further instruction. See when your teach your staff to become a problem solver rather then a direction taker not only will they complete that task but all future tasks will be executed with the same problem solving curiosity based mentality.

2. CARE “360"

This tactic comes in handy when your tribe isn't performing to the level of satisfaction & the position is not one that have any plans of sustaining for long periods of time aka “they have other aspirations”.

The key first and foremost is to recognize that trust, understanding, empathy and communication are the CORE pillars to not only a healthy and successful relationship, but they are the CORE pillars when attempting to gain relationship leverage/equity.

From their you want to go about maximizing each pillar by CARING deeply about each phase of their work related strengths and weakness, life outside of work from a social perspective, and most importantly the situations/dreams & goals that are connected to them at an emotional level.

How do you do that? Simple; you plan bi weekly conversations with each employee and ask questions about their personal life and endeavors. Figure out what type of profession that truly want to be apart of, and execute against that. See the key is to not just consume that data but to move on the data. So if they describe to you a goal of starting a clothing line maybe you think creatively and set up disciplines that will help them save parts of their check for a course or do a bit of networking on their behalf and position them with mentors and designers. You commit to actions that prove you CARE.

Now how does this correlate to profits your most likely thinking. It correlates because when you show your tribe you care, and that your willing to do anything in the world to see them succeed, studies show that their focus increases, their attention to details that will impact the brand increases and their overall energy levels and willingness to make personal sacrifices on behalf of the brand will improve as well. This tip may be hard work, but over time it can scale through management and is something that should remain a staple of the company!

3. Clarifying current rank, reason for rank & how to advance rank

Before we go deep into the details of this next tactic, we want to make sure we coat this tactic with a pretty signifiant statement.

“As a founder and or CEO that has every option and capability in the world to decrease their size of car, house, nights out on the town .. luxuries for the greater good of his or her company by deploying that extra income towards the advancement of a hard working/talented tribe member should. Point blank period.”

Providing the opportunity for your tribe to grow within a company should be a for gone conclusion, yet in is so many companies today.. their are so many protocols and rules in place that seem to either suffocate the tribe member, make the road map “confusing” or and or is simple ineffective.

From our POV we believe their should be 3 simple pillars that positioned your tribe to succeed; and its all made possible when the quote above is put into effect.

  1. Clarify their rank

Now most are thinking, “we make it very clear what their title is”, we are referring to the impact of their position, the importance … that should be clarified. When this occurs, a tribe member feels and takes on a new sense of responsibility.

2. Reason for Rank

Its imperative that your tribe understands why they are currently in the position they are. Weather the reason is lack of funds to advance, lack of education, lack of drive… their should be clear reasons that are communicated to them on a 4–6 week bases, outlining the reality of their current situation. Which leads to the final pillar.

3. How to & willingness to advance Rank

This final step is simple. As the Founder or CEO you have a full understanding of what it takes to advance to the next level in your company. You know what the senior management in your organizations expects, you know the education levels that will be needed, you have the ability to have long conversations with the current tribe members senior leader to see how far or how close he or she is from obtaining those skill sets! The key is, you have all of the tools needed to sit each staff member down 1 by 1 and give them a clear blueprint of how to scale their efforts and grow within the company; a blueprint that you will stand by. See when you present a clear blue print “clarity increases, creativity increases, confidence increase, and overall effort will increase” areas that can and will dramatically impact your bottom line.

Follow these 3 tactics and you see an increase in overall sales, trust and overall productivity!